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Spring Cycling, Quick Post-Workout Shake

Tonight was my first road ride of the spring. Yes, oudoors on the roads of central Wisconsin, on my veteran Lemond bike. I only got in 90 minutes, and felt like it took the first 20 to loosen my right hamstring and get it operating properly, but all in all, the ride was a success (live Rolling Stones in my ears helping me up gentle hills). The sun was shining and temps were still decently warm. Getting on the bike seemed the right choice, rather than another drive to the gym. 

On the bike I drank water with a small amount of BCAA in the bottle. Nothing special, no added food for only 90 minutes.

simple: high-glycemic carbs, BCAA, proteinOnce home, I was pretty hungry, and wanted a recovery shake, knowing it would be a while before I ate. Optimally, I'd add some type of powdered carb source to a blender (Vitargo, Real Food, Carbolyze, Build), but in the kitchen I spotted two small bananas that were getting pretty soft. Not being a fan of throwing away food (there are already enough frozen bananas in the freezer), I dropped them into the Blendtec. A dose of BCAA and two scoops of protein, and voila, in only a minute or so, I was tossing back a useful and tasty recovery shake.

Don't exercise without putting nutrients into your system after your workout. This is the crucial time for helping your body, your entire system of muscles and organs, to recover and adapt and react to your workout (whether strength training or metabolic, it doesn't matter). Assuming you want to get stronger and fitter and healthier, don't workout without fuel. It's a critical part of the equation, no matter your goal. 

Another time I'll discuss pre-and intra-workout nutrition. As spring comes to the midwest and people begin running and cycling outdoors, ramp up your nutrition game!