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Why CrossFit?

I've written and posted many reviews, columns, interviews and articles relating to CrossFit on this blog over the last three years. Look for them under "Stuff I Like." Last year a bunch ran on the site as well, from the beginning of the Open to the Games. This year I was asked to write for the site once more but my personal training business, writing for myself, and life crowded it out. 

Much of my time is spent working with people about food and nutrition. I have made my living as a personal trainer for years, in a large commercial gym. More and more, I find that for optimum health, fitness and performance (in life, not merely in the gym), it's all about what one puts into their body, when, and what doesn't go in. All of this is fascinating to me.

CrossFit is a big part of my life. More than a style of exercise, more than a competitive athletic endeavor, it's glue in my life. My wife brought me into CrossFit years ago; sharing this passion is beyond special. One of our daughters has competed; two have been to CrossFit affiliate workouts. It's a running joke that nearly all our friends, our social life, are composed of people from CrossFit.

Our idea of a Friday night out, after a long, draining week, is the 5:30 WOD perhaps with some prowler pushes afterwards! Later at home while relaxing with dinner (almost always the same meal, with red wine), we'll watch the CrossFit Games Update show, or other videos. Each week we discuss with each other our favorite moments and fine points from the current episode of Wodcast Podcast!

I'm a life-time gym rat, 58 years old, slowly training my body to effectively work through Olympic lifting and whatever level of gymnastic moves I can attain. Decades of traditional strength training, bodybuilding and powerlifting built a strong body with limited range of motion. Slowly it's yielding to stretching and training.

Why am I running on about this? Because I have so many new readers, so much recent exposure, and want to share my passion. CrossFit, for me, is as much about the passion, community, and sense of accomplishment as anything else. Do not let age, injuries (like Eddie Ifft, I'm always injured in some way, but unlike Eddie, I didn't run track!) or a busy life stop you from trying for your personal brass ring. Don't even begin to tell me you're too busy to prepare food ahead of time, or are tired of eating the same foods, or cannot find time to train. I don't want to hear it. 

You'll be reading and watching my videos about supplements, weight-training products, food, books and magazines, the CrossFit world in general, and my little niche in it.

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