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What Did I Learn...

going through Open Workout 14.5 twice? 

It's brutal. That many burpees under those conditions suck.

I fought like hell today for a gain of seven seconds. Feel good about that.

My burpees are slow. I mean, I already knew they weren't quick, but how can falling to the floor take so much time and be a big deal?

Amazing. Ice cream for recovery tonight!


Rich Froning waiting for 14.5

How many workouts do you think Froning will take part in today, waiting for tonight's 14.5 announcement? I can see he and Khalipa getting into a bro-workout, face to face, this afternoon. For no reason than they're in the gym, and want to do something.

What do you think?



Let Me Bask in the Glory of Open WOD 14.3 ... (temporarily)

As of mid-afternoon today, shortly after completing my second run at Open WOD 14.3, attaining 143 reps, I was told I was 2nd in the World, in my Masters age group (55-59)!

You and I know this won't stand; a mess of people will be posting scores tonight and tomorrow morning. But hey, 2nd in the World, even if only for an hour or so, feels pretty cool. I'll take it.



"All You Have to do is Beat Rich!"

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