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Twisted Prey - John Sandford

The Spy Who Came In From The Cold - John LeCarre

UNSUB - Meg Gardiner

A Spy Named Orphan by Roland Philipps

How It Happened by Michael Koryta

The Word Is Murder - Anthony Horowitz

Star of the North - D.B. John

The Sinners - Ace Atkins

The Outsider - Stephen King

Podcast Favorites

Joe Rogan Experience #1101  Chris & Mark Bell .

WTF Marc Maron with Bill Simmons April 9 2018

Christopher Steele - New Yorker Radio Hour March 6 2018

Lance Armstrong - The Forward - Bryan Fogel (Icarus) part 1 of 2 (both essential listening)

Cold War Conversations - Ian Saunders

Spybrary - Shane Whaley -

Cycling Tips

Inside the Hive with Nick Bilton

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill

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A Few of My (Recent) Favorite Training and Nutrition Podcasts 

Robb Wolf, godfather of the Paleo movement, has a new book out (Wired To Eat) so he's making the rounds. Catch him on the Joe Rogan podcast; he's relaxed and quickly disarmed by Rogan.  I found this one of the most entertaining and informative Robb Wolf interviews - and I've read and listened to a hell of a lot of them. There is so much more to Robb Wolf than Paleo - dive in with Rogan and find out for yourself. Nutrition as applied to exercise and humans is an always fascinating area to me, and I always learn from Robb Wolf. His voice is refreshing, in a world populated with so many "experts" and "gurus."




Sure, Armstrong is a lightning rod for argument and controversy. No question he deceived millions of us. At the same time, his athletic feats and inspiration hold strong for me. I consider this lengthy interview with Rogan to be his most "real" and relaxed and extensive recorded conversation. Armstrong is compelling and fascinating and seems to be relieved to have told the truth, is working to make personal amends, and has a good perspective on his career. Love him or hate him, this is gripping and interesting.

I've met Louie Simmons a few times over the years, been around him at powerlifting events, and read and followed his teachings and writing for decades. He's undeniably smart, perhaps brilliant, and unquestionably as good as anyone, ever, at implimenting training methods to generate results. That being said, Simmons is a tough interview, and Rogan has to work hard in this episode to get in his questions and keep Simmons on track. Louie Simmons has given so many interviews in is life and is so practiced with much of his philosophy, it's difficult to tell when he's really answering a question or using the opportunity to keep hitting his message. The world of powerlifting owes a great deal to Simmons, and the opportunity to hear him with Joe Rogan is special.

Marcus Filly is a veteran Crossfit Games competitor, both on teams and as an individual. He's a great athlete with an interesting perspective. I enjoyed his refreshing attitude, learnng the truth about which top level CrossFit athletes eat Paleo (none!), and learnng more about the price paid by professional CrossFit athletes when each day contains four or five workouts. How to prepare and eat food around these sessions, the immense value of coaches (Filly hasn't gone through a workout in five plus years that wasn't written for him by his coach) - Filly covers many topics of interest to weight trainers and competitive athletes from many sports. Hosts Lachy Rowston and Raph Freedman live and podcast in Australia, and do an unusually good job of staying out of the way of their guests. Mind Muscle Project has quickly become one of my favorite sports podcasts.

Mark Bell's Powercast with Layne Norton - The Common Denominator is You - Powercast #194
Listen to Layne Norton, in my opinion one of the smarter coaches and trainers in the world of strength training, make a good case for why he thinks Gary Taubes is wrong about his views on the dangers of sugar. I'd enjoy listening to a debate between Taubes and Norton!

Charles Poliquin, acclaimed as one of the premier strength coaches of all time, is the guest of two consecutive episodes. #181 and #182 from January of this year are compelling and educational. Always be prepared to learn from others, and be open-minded about science and training protocol. Poliquin is one of the greats, and a legend for good reason.