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Eat More Before and During Your Workout!

Crossfitters need to eat more during workouts! I believe this is a problem with many athletes at every level.

As long as I can remember my nutrition has centered around performance and health. I’m not new to strength training and competitive athletics. A Masters-category athlete, active in CrossFit and strength training and a little bit of cycling, I’ve used every diet and nutritional strategy you’ve ever heard of. And more.

A few years ago I began to realize there were some holes in the nutritional practices common to CrossFit. The accepted Paleo-Zone dogma wasn’t working for me any longer. I was running out of gas during lengthy metabolic sessions. My muscle is hard-earned, I can’t afford to lose any, and I want to be able to charge through workouts, not just survive them (injuries permitting). And that was happening.

The last few years I’ve often been going to morning workouts with coffee and a protein shake in me, maybe mixed with some BCAA and a partial packet of some pre-workout. No fats. When my workout was later in the day I’d always have eggs, bacon, possibly some white rice or potatoes, but most of the time my pre-workout food was protein and fat only.

Mid-workout I was running out of gas, and even when I didn’t, I wondered why more energy or strength wasn’t available. 

I was neglecting much of what I’d learned and practiced during decades of working in gyms, educating myself and competing. 

Eating before and during workouts and competition is critical, I realized (and remembered)! How could I have gotten away from the practice?

Change took place, right away. In the 1990s and 2000’s I was consistently using generic  maltodextrin after gym sessions; later I moved to Waxy Maize. Species Carbolyze was my favorite.I experimented with (and enjoyed) Gaspari Nutrition's Glycofuse. I think that's a good product. About three years ago I began to incorporate Vitargo into my post-workout shakes. Felt it was nutritionally superior to Waxy Maize, loved the taste, disliked the texture and clumping. Digging it out of the steel ball in my Blender Bottles was annoying and wasteful.

The lesson learned is that a good supply of easily-absorbed carbs, just before your workout, during, and of course right away afterwards, sets you up for optimal performance. Attack that WOD; lift more weight. You’ll grow muscle (rather than stripping your hard-earned lean tissue), recovery fully and more quickly, and have increased energy for your next workout. Isn’t this what performance-minded nutrition is all about?

The need for a carb-only powder, one comprised of healthy ingredients, easy to mix in a Blender Bottle and good tasting, was needed. Progenex brought Build to market, filling the need of every athlete hoisting weight and thrashing themselves metabolically. Sustainable energy is the name of the game, not just for CrossFit athletes but everyone who lifts weights and taxes themselves metabolically. Tri-athletes, tennis players, golfers (yes!), baseball and football and basketball competitors all benefit from the advantage Build provides.

Progenex utilizes Fenugreek actives and dairy peptides to swiftly clear blood sugar from the carb source to the muscles. Then another peptide takes over, optimizing blood glucose to be used for energy and replacing muscle glycogen. These peptides help glucose clear the bloodstream quickly, resulting in a longer lasting energy curve, helping support your workout.

Build is simple and for real; it’s comprised of honey and sweet potato powder. I imagine everyone reading this is well aware of the benefits of the sweet potato; Build is simple that. Your system absorbs it efficiently and quickly, putting it to good and proper use.

In the shaker, Build blends well with other supplements. I’ve mixed it with every flavor of Recovery made by Progenex, and Force and More Muscle, as well. Several brands of BCAA powder and creatine have made their way to my shakers, and they always mix nicely in the Blender Bottle with Build.

Each time I go to the gym, I’ve a scoop of Build, one scoop of Recovery, and one packet of Force in my shaker as I’m heading out. I’ll sip it during mobility and warmup. When the shaker is partly empty I add more water. And keep sipping throughout the entire session. 

Of course, before I leave the gym after working out, I’m getting two scoops of Build, and two scoops of Recovery, some more BCAA and creatine, into that shaker

Don’t leave home without Build in your shaker. Combined with Force, it’s my secret weapon! 

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Progenex Cocoon Even Better with Ice Cream - Breaking News!

Occasionally, in the evening before bed, after a tough workout day, a scoop of ice cream (softened in a microwave), with two scoops of Cocoon stirred in, makes a wonderful pudding. For me, I'm sure it's a guilt-erasing tactic, fooling myself that the insulin spike from the ice cream helps the protein jam itself into my muscles more efficiently. Whatever it is, it's deliciously non-Paleo but very, very nice. @progenex, @ben&jerrys