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Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Titles Up For Grabs

A couple of the biggest names (no pun intended) in professional bodybuilding are notably absent from the 2017 Arnold Classic competitor list. Kai Greene has apparently set his sights on movie stardom, and is concentrating his time and energy right now into shooting a movie in Asia, and kickstarting his new supplement line, Dynamik Muscle.

Branch Warren, a perennial Arnold competitor and crowd favorite, isn't on the list this year, either. Warren will be 42 by the Arnold event, placed sixth last year, and may have decided to hang up his posing trunks. I've not read anything to that effect, but the significant injuries Branch has worked through the past few years would have long ago put many another competitor onto the couch. Dallas McCarver

Looking at the list of 11 open competitors, it's easy to predict that either Dallas McCarver or Cedric McMillan will run. Cedric was second last year; McCarver could win any contest at any time. He's young, growing and still developing, clearly a rising star in the sport. McMillan was in superb shape in 2016, big and ripped, but ran up hard against Kai Greene.

This year's Arnold Classic 212 should be ultra-competitive. Guy Cisternino wants the title badly, as do David Henry and Jose Raymond. Not to take anything away from the other 8 competitors in the 212 (Charles Dixon and Hidetada Yamagshi are always ready to pounce), but there is something special about Cisternino, Henry and Raymond. I'm anticipating close competition and lots of energy on the stage. Guy Cisternino

There's a hell of a lot of money and prestige assocated with an Arnold Classic crown. I'll be there, watching closely, March 2-5.


The Arnold Classic Continuing Coverage: Victor Martinez

Even on the eve of the most highly-anticipated Mr. Olympia contest in many years, I'm reminded the next Arnold Sports Festival is coming up in March. Going forward I'll be spotlighting people, products and events from the 2016 Arnold Classic, counting down to the 2017 celebration of all things fitness and nutrition. In my opinion, as someone who's been attending the Arnold since it's inception, there remains no question the Arnold Sports Festival is the biggest, best and most important gathering in the field, in the world.

I spent a bit of time with Victor Martinez at the MHP Nutrition booth at the Expo. Victor is a good example of a working professional bodybuilder, someone who has spent several years working his way back from a serious knee injury. At the time of his knee, many wrote him off as a contendor and assumed his career had ended. Talking to him at the show, Victor was a bit upset that in 2016 anyone still wondered if he was able to compete at the highest level. I like that attitude.

Only a few months later, in July, Martinez won the IFBB Pro Baltimore, hopefully putting to rest any surprise that he's back, in a big way. I look forward to seeing him continue to compete.

The opportunity to talk with Victor Martinez and spend a few minutes is a great example of what can, and does, continually happen at the Arnold Classic.



Healing With Rock Tape

A couple of weeks ago, during CrossFit Open workot 16.1, doing strict pullups immediately after overhead walking barbell lunges, my left upper back painfully gave out, sending me to the floor. A couple of tries on the bar convinced me I could not support any weight at all with my left arm.

I worried it was torn, and the subsequent colorful and painful bruising and swelling made it tough to determine if it was my rear delt, tricep, or upper lat. Only a couple of days later I was at the Arnold Classic Expo, and headed for the RockTape booth for assistance. At that point, day one of the three-day Arnold Classic, my back hurt just from carrying schwag. I needed help.

Olivia Barton of RockTape took care of me. She first steered me to one of the two therapists working with RockTape at the show. A quick shirt-off assessment and my back and shoulder were being profesionally taped. Immediately I felt better; carrying my steadily-gettng-heavier bag was much easier and no longer painful.

I left the RockTape booth witha roll of RockTape, a roll-on Rock Sauce Chill, and plain, hot Rock Sauce. Today, I put them to good use. Chill, RockTape, Rock Sauce

My back has improved greatly; the original tape job from the RockTape booth lasted for a week and a half, through workouts, showers, and daily life. Impressive. I am pleasantly surprised at just how "sticky" their product is. I know that's very unscientific, but it took more than a week for the tape to even begin to loosen and pull away from my skin, and between CrossFit and my traditional gym, that area gets a hell of a lot of work with weights.

Two days ago I ripped the original, Arnold-booth tape off. Today I visited Dr. Alex Tapplin, my friend and chiropractor-active release-soft tissue certified magic man. After a scan, happily determining there is no tear, he applied a good base of Rock Sauce Chill, then re-taped me. My back feels terrific. On Monday I deadlifted and felt no pull in the taped area until 325#. This afternoon at the gym I'll give it a new test; Dr. Tapplin thinks it's time for me to hang from a bar and see how that feels, too.

Due to a clumsy step last night, I was able to put the hot Rock Sauce No Solor to work today, also. Due to walking into a wooden footboard, I've a nasty bump and bruise on my left knee. Paintul to the point of keeping me awake last night. A nice dose of this hot Rock Sauce and I'm feeling immediate relieft.

To say I'm impressed with these three RockTape products would be an understatement. They are going into my gym bag; I now consider them an essential part of my workout life. Thanks, RockTape, for helping make my entire Arnold Classic experience more enjoyable.


Brian Shaw may be as Strong as Zydrunas Savickas

Arnold Classic 2016: Brian Shaw, 2nd in Arnold Strongman (might have won other than a hamstring injury in the deadlift event), 1st in being a nice guy. What a gracious athlete. In Mark Bell's Slingshot booth. ‪#‎arnoldclassic‬‪#‎brianshaw‬