To All My Clients...
Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 09:01PM
John Koenig

Many of you know I'm a personal trainer, have been for a long time, and consider myself pretty damn good at it. 

Most of my clients, in fact the majority of all the people I have conversations with in the gym, talk to me about weight and body-fat loss. Far and away, losing weight and the resulting opening up of options and life opportunities is what most people in a big commercial gym, certainly most of those who meet with me, are looking for. 

Everyone has a specific story, set of conditions and cultural life issues, and often emotional ties to food and eating. We all do. Give me time with someone, help them be open-minded and trusting and willing to change, and I can help anyone lose a significant amount of body-fat, be healthier and fitter, and happier. But all this takes time. Lots of time.

Commercials and books and websites and infomercials tout 21-day solutions, easy fixes, magic potions and supplements. But there is no magic! There is no spot-reduction.

I employ logic and common sense and science and nutrition and exercise. And patience.

Aaron Bleyaert, a staff member of the Conan O'Brien TV show, recently wrote about his losing 90 pounds. Read this compelling essay. I agree with pretty much everything Bleyaert says, notably his experience with the ups and downs of weight loss, how long true body-fat loss really takes, and how change seemingly is on hold until suddently it's dramatic. This is the real deal.

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