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I Don't Have Time to Prepare Food... to Eat Right

Is there a trainer, coach or nutritional consultant who doesn't hear this daily? We're all busy, all have kids and lives and clients and want to carve out time for our own workouts and activities. I know. I'm busy as hell also. And I find time to prepare food ahead of time. Case in point.

Drove 12-13 hours Monday returning from a family visit. A massive storm hit while four - five hours from home. Drove through it. Stress. Tired eyes, exhausted body. Had about three awake hours; spent two of them on food. Not my "want to do this" but my "need to do this" time.

Peeled a few sweet potatoes, sliced them, popped 'em into the oven with macadamia nut oil and chili pepper. Set timer for one hour, 400 degrees. Everything else happens while they cook.

Cut up vegetables in fridge: cauliflower, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms - into big frying pan with coconut oil. Moderate heat, stirring occasionally. Added capers, cut-up kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes. Wished I had kale. Used up most of the vegetables left in the refrigerator. While all this cooked slowly, I put eight chicken breasts on the grill (got them out of the freezer immediately after getting home). Grilled those babies, slowly, as they weren't fully thawed.

While the chicken was cooking and the vegetables were simmering, I put on a pan of white rice.

All this finished at the same time. Two hours. Washed the dishes, put everything into containers and into the fridge.

Done. I didn't have time either, but I made time.

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