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fitmark's The Box - Carrying My Food Everywhere

I’ve been hauling shakes and meals and supplements to and from the gym and the job for many years. Pre-made meals have been a hallmark of my life forever, it seems. Various little coolers and backpacks have been pressed into service, but none have done the job as well as fitmark’s The Box.

My version contains four BPA-free meal boxes, and one 20 oz Smartshake shaker bottle. Attached to the bottom of the shaker are carriers for pills and powders; I like the removable divider for pills. Use it or don’t, but you have the option.

Each of the food holders is easily large enough for a good meal; I’ve had occasion (usually post-workout) to eat all the food in two of them, but most of the time one does the job just fine. Fill a small frying pan with some bacon, vegetables, a half dozen scrambled eggs or a couple of chicken breasts, and you’ll find all of it fits easily into one box. The lids seal nicely and remove easily; they go through the dishwasher just fine. I’ve experienced no seal or shape-changing issues.

Inside the top of The Box is a big mesh pocket set up for carrying silverware or napkins, keeping then dry. Two cool packs come with The Box; I added a third to keep my shake as cold as possible. An exterior pocket on the front is great for supplement packets, keys, wallet, cell phone, or any other small gadgets. The back of The Box has a large pocket running across, wonderful for everything from a spare t-shirt to your workout journal. One side has a small mesh pocket advertised for your water bottle; I find a full bottle to be tippy there, but the pocket is handy all the same. I use it for all kinds of small things.

I toss my Box in and out of my vehicle with no fear it’s going to break or rip. It goes to the gym every day; it’s in and out of the kitchen, of course. Rip-stop nylon is durable as hell. The adjustable carrying strap goes over my shoulder, but it can be tightened up. The handle on top is nice when The Box is empty; I wouldn’t carry it that way when loaded; I’m not certain the zipper would enjoy the stress.

If I told you I was in love with my fitmark Box I’d be gushing and over-stating my enjoyment. As a valuable tool in my professional life as a personal trainer, and my passionate life as an athlete, I call The Box essential.

My Box came from Nutrition Supply Company, my source for many supplements, training devices and even healthy foods.

Retail is $59.99.


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