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People Wonder Why Their Health is So Poor? Seriously...?

This happened to me today. I was giving blood at the Red Cross, reclining on that curved seat, watching people around me and Rachel Ray (hey, she's gained some weight) on TV, when they guy helping me said out loud, to his co-workers, that he was dying to order a greasy pizza for lunch. He had my attention; it seemed like a weird thing to say in front of so many people.

He's not a big fat guy, and perhaps 30-40 years old, but in today's world not being fat makes him the exception. Returning to my side to check on the blood falling out of my arm (they love vascular in-shape people at the blood center), he told me it's been a while since he enjoyed a big greasy pizza and he misses them.

I said something appropriate and non-judgemental; I was a captive audience. He went on to say that less than a month ago he had a heart attack! At that point I asked how bad an attack it was (weird question, I know, but he was at his job and seemed fine). His reply was "...medium bad; they went in through my wrists and put several stints in, I had all kinds of blockage, but now I'm great." (I'm not quoting directly).

Then it got weird for a moment. He became a bit animated and told me "...they're trying to get me to eat real food, instead of pizza and fast food." 

Think about this for a moment. I clearly had the impression he thought of this "real food" stuff like it was a weird conspiracy, something the medical people were trying to get over on him.

Real food. This guy had the big warning shot across the bow, a heart attack at a young age. He seems to have recovered, yet he's frustrated by attempts to force him to eat "real food."

And people wonder why obesity is rampant in America, ravaging younger and younger generations, killing and degrading millions?

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