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My Cocoon Experiments, part two

 Last week I raved about how good Progenex Cocoon is with Ben & Jerry's ice cream as a before-bed meal. Great quality of sleep as provided by Cocoon, and the taste-bud delight of rich ice cream. I've CrossFit friends telling me they're enjoying this combo nightly now! That certainly wasn't my intent, and I've not (yet) combined Cocoon with ice cream again.

Two nights ago I thought I'd give a Cocoon / Chobani Greek yogurt combo a trial. First problem: finding full-fat yogurt. I thought I had one, but only after pulling it from the fridge did I find the faint blue "low fat" around the side. Damn. It's been a few years since I bought yogurt at all, not buying into the "it's a healthy food" hype, but I've found it's very difficult to find full-fat yogurt. Worse, when I do, there are nearly as many grams of sugar as there are protein. So just stay away from the stuff, please.

Anyways, I spooned a half pint or so of the plain Chobani Greek yogurt into a bowl, and stirred in two scoops of Cocoon. Immediately I noted the two didn't mix well; I had to stir and stir. Eating the combo was worse. The chocolate Cocoon and the slightly tart, unflavored yogurt didn't come together at all. The texture was poor and my taste buds were bored. I ate it, of course, but it'll not happen again.

Love my Cocoon. Back to avoiding yogurt.  @progenex   #cocoon      #progenex

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