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Coffee Strengthens My Liver!

Recently I heard on a podcast (I know, it's a little like saying "I saw this on the internet"), but on some strength-training-related podcast, referene to a quote from Kelly Starrett. So this is third-hand, basically. I cannot remember who said it and whether Starrett actually said it to them or they heard it somewhere. But who cares? It's too cool a quote to ignore.

The gist of it is that someone asked Starrett a question about too much coffee consumption possibly being poor for their health, or keeping them back at CrossFit, or something along those lines. Kelly reportedly replied (paraphrasing):

"There is no such thing as drinking too much coffee. Think of it as something that strengthens your liver!"

I'm good with this pronouncement, whether it's truth or fable. Just thinking Kelly Starrett said it is good enough for me!

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