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Speaking of Podcasts I Like...

Mike Bledsoe, one of the hosts of Barbell Shrugged, mentioned during his conversation with Jon North (Olympic weightlifting coach), that the podcasts of Joe Rogan inspired him to begin podcasting. North chimed in to say he has the same affection and respect for Rogan's show, and that's directly influenced his begnning his own podcast. I find it fascinating, yet not surprising at all, that Joe Rogan has sparked career moves with these two. The Joe Rogan Experience podcast is consistently interesting and diverse; when he's on, few are as good as Rogan. Given the long format (most shows run 2 1/2 - 3 hours), guests are able to relax and delve into areas they clearly rarely have enough time or space to get into.

Barbell Shrugged covers CrossFit, strength training, Olympic lifting, supplements and beer. Bledsoe and his co-hosts offer their guests a friendly environment, knowledgeable questions and banter, and a willingness to go deep into issues. Episode 64 of Barbell Shrugged featured Paul Nobles of Eat To Perform; Bledsoe performed hard duty working to keep Nobles on-topic. Nobles is clearly very smart but he rambled terribly and often didn't answer questions; he just talked about what he wanted to talk about. Bledsoe was great and did his best to keep the show on track.

Joe Rogan recently had the great Kelly Starrett (and Glen Cordoza) on his podcast. Imagine 2 hrs. 55 minutes of Starrett and Rogan. I very much enjoyed hearing Starrett move past the stock anecdotes he's been using in his media blitz for Supple Leopard, going deep with Rogan. For a while it sounded to me like Rogan wasn't really buying into Kelly, but they found common ground in UFC discussion. When Cordoza joined the talk the seeming-sticking points disappeared. An opportunity to listen to Kelly Starrett stretch out and drop knowledge like he did in episode #365 is a priviledge. 

Add these podcasts to your listening experiences.  They're as critical as much of the crap you carry in your gym bag but don't ever use!

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