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NutriForce Sports supplement line




Natural Aminos


I ran into the NutriForce Sports booth at the NorthCentral Regionals, manned by Alex Stewart, and was immediately intrigued by the line of supplements targeted squarely at CrossFit athletes. My first impression wasn’t of a sharp company exploiting a marketplace clearly filled with consumers. Stewart came across to me as an athlete/businessman experienced in the industry, with a clear understanding of the needs of competitive athletes. He was kind enough to ship me samples plentiful enough to keep me fueled for a good month of weight-training, WODs, metabolic punishment and occasional bodybuilding workouts.

Pretend for a moment this is a movie review: in my best Roger Ebert mode I give the NutriForce Sports line a hearty thumbs up. They hit all the bases with clearly-targeted products whose contents are logical, and appear effective in my experience, with no overkill.

On a daily basis in my job as a personal trainer, I’m constantly advising young weight-trainers to abstain from the myriad of pre-workout products in the marketplace, and use that money purchasing more beef (or chicken - any good food). Of all the entries in a supplement line I consider many of these to be a waste of money, overpriced, and full of empty promises. 

Pre-Wod is relatively tame by industry standards, producing no jitters whatsoever in my caffeine-fueled body (I drink coffee while driving to the CrossFit box). The taste is fine, the stimulant effect is pleasing, and I enjoyed knowing I was circulating some beta-alanine, creatine and amino acids while I was warming up. By the time I was lifting or involved in metabolic work I’d usually consumed half a shaker of Pre-Wod, and would cut it with more water for drinking during the actual session.

Omegafort is the obligatory omega-3 product in the NutriForce line. Each capsule contains 915mg EPA and 140mg DHA. I commonly took one with three meals daily. No burping, by the way, though I’m not much of a reactor to fish oil anyways. NutriForce says this product conforms to U.S. and international purity laws and is free of detectable levels of mercury, lead, PCBs and other toxins.

I hope there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind today that omega-3 is important inside the human body, for an array of reasons. Hopefully you’re not reading it here first. NutriForce agrees with this line of reasoning, and has gone so far as to include one of these Omegafort capsules in their WodPak. Each packet has a nice multiple-vitamin, the omega-3 capsule, 5,000 IU of Vitamin D, a multi-mineral (Magnesium, Zinc, Calciu, K-2), and what they call Richberry, 250 mg. dried compressed vegetable. I don’t know enough about the Richberry to have a strong opinion, but I like these packets of five capsules, and feel this is an effective combo.

Natural Amino is branded as one of their two Recovery products. I used this nice mixture of BCAA in my post-workout shake, along with two scoops (46 grams) of their Nutri-Whey protein powder. Trusting that this company uses the quality whey they claim, I found the protein alone, or mixed with the amino acid blend, to mix easily. No worries in the shaker.

However, and this turns out to be my sole “hey, what about this?” moment in the NutriForce products I sampled, both the chocolate and vanilla proteins have little clumps of kinda-sweet, flavoring nuggets. I assume this is the six grams of sugar per scoop. Not having any major problem with the sugar content, it’s common in a post-workout scheme (though I don’t like a dozen grams of sugar in one shake, even post-workout), the damn things clogged up the steel ball in my shaker. So there I’d be with a clump of little sugary things in the ball after I’d swallowed the shake. They proved to be impossible to dislodge, without making a mess, taking the shaker apart, or while driving. 

Overall, I’m happy with the NutriForce line of supplements aimed at CrossFit athletes. Their quality appears to be very good, and I’m impressed with their strategic thinking, notably including the omega-3 capsule in the WodPak. I’ll have no reservations about spending money on the line.

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