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Just Eat Real Food.... and Damn It, Eat More Of It!

Years as a full-time personal trainer and nutritional consultant, decades as a weight-training athlete (powerlifting, bodybuilding, cycling), three years in CrossFit. What's my biggest takeaway?

Food and drink are the whole deal. Athletes often don't consume enough good food. Certainly many don't come close to getting enough nutrients into their body surrounding their workouts. 

Most overweight and out-of-shape people consume fake food - crap - snacks - sugar. Whether they binge, starve-binge, sneak food, or simply eat all the time, believe it or not, I don't even consider that the greatest issue. 

People are not eating real food, in most cases. Look around you in the grocery store; how much of what's stocked on those shelves is available at a Farmer's Market? Most of it's crap. People are dying, diseases are racing through our population. Sugar and empty grain/starch/gluten hybrids of weirdness.

Maybe today I'm just tired of hearing excuses. Please eat some meat and eggs, sautee or stir-fry as many vegetables in whatever form will get them into your mouth, enjoy some coconut oil/grass-fed butter with those meals, perhaps some sweet potatoes and rice. Eat all of it. Work out - run - row - cycle. Eat again.

Learn to season food; add spices to the crockpot. You don't have to be a cook or foodie; prepare lots of food ahead of time. And eat it.

Exercise a whole bunch, eat all the real food you can handle. Watch yourself lose bodyfat, gain muscle, learn to love yourself again, and live a healtheir, longer, happier life.

There, isn't that simple?

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    Response: Mano Swartz
    Stuff I Like, Nutrition, CrossFit, Paleo, Books - Stuff I like - Just Eat Real Food.... and Damn It, Eat More Of It!
  • Response
    Stuff I Like, Nutrition, CrossFit, Paleo, Books - Stuff I like - Just Eat Real Food.... and Damn It, Eat More Of It!

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