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Big and Little Things in the Gym

We all know that actual workout performance in the gym is the real reason for all the gear, gadgets and supplements lugged around by most of us in our gigantic bags. Food, sleep, clothing, shoes, supplements, coaching and environment are clearly important, but performance is still the real bottom line. 

The gadgets are fun, however! Here’s a few that on occasion improve my life:

 ShootNShake scoop

Most of us on occasion have left our wide-mouth shaker at home when headed to the gym. After a workout it’s no fun making a cone from random sheets of paper in an attempt to pour powders into the narrow opening of a water bottle. But we’ve all done it, and some poor forgetful people do so constantly. I don’t want to dump my precious Progenex Recovery and Vitargo on the floor; I need it in my body!

ShootNShake to the rescue with their simple scoops, two sizes to a package. No more spills, no more shaky hands. Get those precious recovery products into any sized water bottle with no problems. You can’t miss. I now carry these in my gym bag, and have on a few occasions helped others out who’d forgotten their Blender Bottle or shaker. 


Rumble Roller

Foam rollers aren’t gadgets, in my mind. “Gadgets” are un-essential but fun additions to one’s fitness arsenal. Rollers are necessary, before and after workouts, in rehab; heck, on the floor at home while watching football games on TV! Frankly, I wish I’d been exposed to rolling out my body a couple of decades ago, but at least I’m all over it now.

Most of the time you’ll see athletes using smooth foam rollers; they’re wonderful, and if you have no real issues, possibly all you need. Get to my age and jack your body up for decades in the gym, and you’ll want (need) an extra firm Rumble Roller. This is an important member of my workout assistance family.

Literature from RumbleRoller indicates the bumps on the roller mimic the thumbs of a massage therapist. I beg to differ; both my ART and massage therapists leave bruises with their thumbs! However, if the Rumble Roller somehow applied that much indiscriminate pressure, I’m not sure I could bear it, nor would it necessarily be useful. These “bumps” are painful, in the way that such pain and pressure feels necessary to bodies hard-used. 

Basically, my Rumble Roller provides portable deep tissue massage, or as near as I’m going to get to it at the gym. I’ve also found my Rumble Roller appears to be indestructible; this one has been torturing/helping me since early March and it’s as structurally sound as the day I received it. Two of us use it on a regular basis, and unlike traditional foam rollers, there are no signs of wear. 

If you’ve any doubts about the benefits of rollers, much less Rumble Rollers, visit,and read Kelly Starrett’s amazing Becoming A Supple Leopard. I’ve the long, extra firm model; Rumble Rollers also come in shorter models. In my opinion, anyone who works out truly hard, lifts heavy, and/or is involved in CrossFit, will benefit greatly from regular use of a Rumble Roller.

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