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Add Coconut Water to your Life... and Prosper

Coco Cafe coconut water is the newest addition to my post-workout shakes. The company had a booth at the NorthCentral CrossFit Regionals, were kind enough to share a few containers with me, and I was hooked. I'm finding Coco Cafe in my local grocery stores, so haven't had to order it through any specialty retailers or Amazon.

Of course I’m continuing to use Progenex Recovery and Vitargo immediately, in the gym, right after I stop shaking and get my ass off the floor. But at home, when the mighty Blendtec is out, this delicious Coco Cafe coconut water goes right into the blender. Eleven ounces of gluten-free goodness; the flavor is nice, and the nutritional benefits of coconut water are on record. 

For the recipe hounds out there; each blender-full creates two meal shakes. When I use coconut water I leave out the coconut milk! Add some almond butter or a handful of almonds, flaxseed meal, Fiberlyze, BCAAs of your choice, a handful of berries, and protein. Currently I’m using two scoops of Gaspari MyoFusion and two or three scoops of Onnit HempForce. I love HempForce!

The mocha flavor, my favorite so far, contains 140 calories. Fat is 3.5 grams, 22 grams carbs, 19 of which are sugar. Happily, coconut water is the first ingredient on the listing. Oh, and I shouldn't forget one of my favorite things about Coco Cafe; each container has one shot of espresso!

On some hot and humid late summer days, an hour or two after working out and still feeling wrecked, I would drink a Coco Cafe by itself. I felt it helped with the eternal dehydration of summer training. Now that winter is settling upon us here in Wisconsin, not a problem. 

Add Coco Cafe to your shakes! Experiment with recipes and see which flavors work best for you.

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    Stuff I Like, Nutrition, CrossFit, Paleo, Books - Stuff I like - Add Coconut Water to your Life... and Prosper
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    Stuff I Like, Nutrition, CrossFit, Paleo, Books - Stuff I like - Add Coconut Water to your Life... and Prosper

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