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What’s John Been Telling People?

I’ve not been posting on this blog as often as I used to. Frankly, most of my writing energy is going into my work with nutritional clients. Between my personal training business, my own workouts, cooking food and life, putting new material up here hasn’t been happening. Book reviews continue to appear, and believe me, on a daily basis ideas come to me for the site, but most of them fall away.

Here’s something I’m going to try: I’ll periodically compile recent food/eating/nutritional advice from my communication with clients, and make it available here. No context, of course, but a good peek at how I’m thinking these days. Here we go:

Add rice and potatoes (white or sweet) to your diet. I'm absolutely unafraid to enjoy potatoes and rice with nearly every meal now, and feel better for it (and leaner).  I continue my vegetables with most meals, but have been adding white rice to pre-workout eggs, and potatoes of some type to all my egg/veggie/bacon dishes. Not tons of potatoes, but some in a steady flow.

There is no reason for a break from BCAA, fish oil, multi-vitamins, etc. They are necessary every day of your life. I could see not using BCAAs for the few days this week you may be taking off from the gym, and of course there's no reason for Recovery if you're not training (This was to a client taking a few days off after a two-day CrossFit competition). But otherwise, stay with supplementing good food. And don't "diet " this week, either, just be careful of treats, empty carbs, sugar (that's why Progenex Recovery initially tasted poor compared to your past "product" - lack of sugar.

Interesting, but not unexpected, that taking empty carbs and sugar out of your diet affected your mood. I expected that to happen; the brain becomes expectant of the charge, short-lived as it is, from the carbs, and just as it tells you to seek out more crackers and eat them, there's a period when your brain and physical body are detoxing, and you'll feel horrible. Stay the course and you should be well adjusted. Remember, this entire process is hormonal, too. You have been consuming some of that empty-carb crap for a long time, and it will take a while for your system, including your brain, to adjust.

No matter how late you arrive home after working out, that meal after your post-workout shake is essential. Don't go nuts, but don't skimp on sweet potato, rice, protein and logical small-fat portions. Your body truly needs this nutrition at that time; close to bed means nothing in this case. Please do not take that meal out of your life. You will not get fat from it! Get that notion out of your head.

Vegetables are the big stumbling block for many people. I don’t eat them raw, always cooked. I think bacon exists so that they taste better. I am not kidding when I write about how I cut one or two pieces of bacon into pieces with scissors, get them frying, and don't add any vegetables until the bacon is half done. Seriously, I have a little bit of bacon, and coconut oil or butter in all my vegetables. Sun-dried tomatoes help a lot with flavor; often I cut a few kalamata olives into pieces and add that also. But, and this is the big but, vegetables are critical to your health and sports performance and body composition.

Every day I prepare my food for the next day, no matter how inconvenient. What is more important for achieving optimal health and athletic potential? Nothing.

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