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Precision Nutrition Certification is Underway!

Today is a big day in my professional life. I'm beginning the process of certification with Precision Nutrition! My old friend and co-worker John Berardi has created what is regarded by many in the field as the premier nutritional schooling and certification. I've invested a bunch of money, not to mention years of my career as a personal trainer, in constantly upgrading my knowledge base. 

Precision Nutrition is the big step, one of the pinnacles in the field. I'm excited and ready to dive in!

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The Best Tool For Losing Bodyfat

Many secrets exist for losing weight. Just watch the ads popping up on your Facebook feed if you ever do a search. Scroll Amazon or for thermogenics or pre-workout or fat loss products and quickly all your social media will be dominated by such ads. Do they work? Some can be helpful, and a few can make a difference, but that's a different topic.

I've lost 20 pounds in the last three or four months. Based on 9-site caliper readings done by one of my fellow personal trainers, I've lost only a miniscule amount of lean tissue, if any. My body-fat level is 8%, and was only 10-11% when I started this phase. At 62 years of age, this is a dramatic success. At any age, it's a good thing. I'm strong in the gym, feel great, and look forward to my next jeans and shorts purchases!

Most people wouldn't have thought I had 20 pounds to lose. By nobody's standards was I considered overweight. Most people who know me consider me pretty lean and muscular. I enjoy the discipline of self-experimentation, constantly learning how varying foods and supplements do and don't work for me, and have the patience to give a protocol enough time to know whether it's truly effective.

My secret weapon has been the food scale!

I've used these, and more, varied pre-workout and thermogenic products during these few months. Yes, they're fun and interesting and help my Blender Bottles full of water taste better (most of the time). 

All my real progress has come from setting macronutrient goals, hitting them as closely as possible every day, only eating food I can track reasonably well, and making no excuses. As a personal trainer by trade, believe me, I hear all the excuses, all the time.

I've accomplished this using real food, daily exercise, and adopting the mindset that I'll put nothing into my body I cannot weigh and measure. The Stronger U nutrition community has played an important role for me, from support to knowledge, on a daily basis via social media. You don't have to go this alone; fine people with similar perspectives and outlooks and learn from each other, help each other.

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Kettlebell Kitchen Helping With My Meal Prep

Kettlebell Kitchen saved our bacon a couple of times at the CrossFit Games. Their booth was a welcome respite from long lines at the food trucks, not to mention the presence of chicken breast, sweet potato, broccoli and kale!

Available at the show were their small-sized containers, with a medium-sized amount of food. Two different meals were on hand: Roasted Chicken Salad (435 calories, 34g protein, 12g fat, 48g carbs) and Tumeric Spiced Chicken (420 cal, 33g protein, 12g fat, 45g carbs).

Meant to be enjoyed cold, I found the Tumeric Chicken meal to be tasty and fresh. This one includes bacon, the spiced chicken of course, sweet potato and yucca crumbles.

Anne had the Roasted Chicken Salad; in addition to the chicken this selection is packed with white rice, kale, cranberries, celery and walnuts. Delicious!

Today for the first time I'll taste a Kettlebell Kitchen meal warm from a microwave. Looking forward to that. I'll let you know how it compares.

I don't have all the details on Kettlebell Kitchen's business model yet, but I'm impressed with the food quality and taste, and their vision to move beyond CrossFit boxes to corporate and individual customers. 

On our way out of Vendor Village at the Games, with only a two-hour drive ahead of us, we loaded up on a couple days of meals. Getting home late, with an early morning wake-up ahead, it's pretty damn nice to have a couple of days headstart on meal prep. Thanks, Kettlebell Kitchen!

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Efficient in the Kitchen This Morning

I’m a big believer in preparing multiple meals at a time. Food prep is always on my mind. It’s fascinating to me how, over time, setting and tracking macronutrient ratios and numbers increases my discipline with food portions (thanks, Avatar Nutrition).  I’m seeing and feeling results, and just don’t want to screw things up.

This morning was a good example. I had time to make a good breakfast, knowing I wasn’t hitting the gym for another three hours or so. Some carbs were going to be included, but most important, I wasn’t going to stand at the stove-top and only make one meal. 

I ended up with four. Here’s how:


A half dozen of these little potatoes were sliced thinly and started in a pan with coconut oil. While they cooked on medium, I enjoyed another cup of coffee, and got all my other foods out of the fridge.

Next in the pan went four cups of my mixed vegetable mix. While they were heating up and mixing with the potato, I measured 600 grams of egg whites into a mixing bowl, adding four eggs, whisking it all together. Seasoned with Trader Joe’s Chili Lime and salt and pepper, I dumped it into the pan, still on medium flame, and kept an eye on it.

My plan was to eat half for breakfast and save half for another meal.


While this was happening in the pan, I opened two cans of albacore tuna and emptied each into a food container. A half cup of white rice was added to each. Knowing from long experience how tasteless this combo is, here’s my magic touch:  add cut-up kalamata olives and artichoke hearts and capers! Not much is necessary, but this addition makes a big taste difference.


While doing this I’ve been stirring the egg mixture, and that big pan is done about when I finish these two meals.

Numbers:  65 grams of jasmine rice, or 95 grams carbs. The tuna is 35 protein and 6 fat.

The egg mixture is 48 grams protein, 29 carbs and 10 of fat. The small amount of coconut oil, olives and artichoke hearts spread over the meals is not part of those totals.

It’s easy to make the most of your time in the kitchen. Be prepared and not surprised!


It's a Green Dragon Sauce Kinda Meal Prep Today

Considering how often I use a slow cooker, today was the first time I jammed a bunch of chicken into one! Weird that somehow this hadn't happened before. During a phone conversation yesterday with my daughter Jess, among other topics I was telling her of my brief excursion to Trader Joe's, and that Green Dragon Sauce had been one of my puchases. Anne and I have been enjoying Green Dragon Sauce from Trader Joe's for a while; I often cover my eggs and vegetables with it. It's damn delicious (and low fat and carb).

Jess suggested covering some chicken with Green Dragon in the crock pot; she does it all the time and says it's great. I had thawed six chicken breasts, so I cut four of them into big chunks, hit 'em with some sea salt, dumped a bunch of Green Dragon in, and set the heat to low. Frankly, our slow cooker isn't slow enough. The low setting is hotter than our previous machine was, so this one needs careful watching. Jess will put chicken in and cook it for eight hours. On low in our crock pot the four chicken breasts were done in three hours! So lesson learned - keep an eye on your chicken!

My big vegetable medly was consistent with past weeks, though I'm out of artichoke hearts until my next Costco run, so none this week. However, thanks to the Trader Joe's trip yesterday, I am restocked with Tunisian Harissa (hot chili pepper paste). Wow, I love a few tablespoons of this zingy red paste added to the pan after all the vegetables are in and slightly cooked. Simply mix everything together a few more times and the Harissa will be everywhere. Subtle but very present on your taste buds. I feel Tunisian Harissa adds a great taste to my vegetables, even with the capers, sundried tomatoes and kalmata olives already in there.

Today I began the pan with a few slices of organic bacon scissored into little pieces, and cooked halfway in coconut oil before I added any vegetables. First in went an entire bunch of asparagus, then partial bags of cauliflower crumbles and cabbage slaw. Afer a few minutes of sautee and mixing I cut up a big red pepper and a head of broccoli.  After all this had cooked for a few minutes the capers, sundried tomatoes, Tunisian Harissa and olives were added. No mushrooms or kale today - I didn't feel the need to make a trip to the grocery store just for those items. Next week.

On the grill I had four organic pork chops, three ground beef patties, and a couple more big chicken breasts. Reaching into the magic Penzy's spice cabinet, today's chicken is liberally covered by Ruth Ann's Muskego Ave Chicken & Fish Seasoning. I don't know who the hell Ruth Ann is, and I'll assume without looking it up that Muskego Avenue is in Milwaukee (Penzy's home). Who cares, 'cause Ruth Ann's Muskego Ave seasoning is superb on chicken. Try it yourself; use a bunch and see how you enjoy it.

We got ourselves a rice cooker today, but that'll be another story, after I break it in. Exciting, huh?

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