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The Border - Don Winslow

Metropolis - Philip Kerr

The Paris Diversion - Chris Pavone

The Network - Jason Elliott

Our Man Down In Havana - Christopher Hull

Mission To Paris - Alan Furst

A Dangerous Man - Robert Crais

Resurrections - Jeffrey Meyers

Spy Games - Adam Brookes

Podcast Favorites

   In this episode of the entertraining Books of the Year podcast, Simon Mayo and Matt Williams ask Lee Child about his legendary coffee consumption, at my request. 

@booksoftheyear, @simonmayo

I'll listen to Layne Norton discuss and argue passionately about nutrition any day. Mark Bell does a great job moderating an engaging conversation between Norton and Shawn Baker about health, fitness, food and nutrition. Science wins! @marksmellybell, @BioLane

Shane Whaley and David Craggs talk spy and espionage fiction, writing, politics and books with the outspoken, brilliant writer, Charles Cumming.

@Spybrary, @CharlesCumming

Malcolm Gladwell digs deep into the one song Elvis Presley couldn't consistently sing, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" This episode is a gripping, utterly fascinating discussion of how Elvis recorded, sang live, and interpreted his life through music. @Gladwell


Do You Want To Live Forever?


Fascinating, but I am not sure there's really a magic bullet. But do read about how Liz Parrish wants to live forever. 


Aging Doesn't Have To Mean You Aren't As Good As You Were

Don't Lose Your Edge As You Age by Brad Stulberg (published in Outside Online) is compelling fuel for older athletes. Don't assume you have to lower your expectations.

"...The only major change to that formula for older athletes is they should probably increase their protein intake after they turn 40 or so to combat the effects of something called anabolic resistance, which makes it harder to build and maintain muscle.”


Blue Plate Special - New Food Book Roundup

The Obesogen Effect by Bruce Blumberg

The Obesogen Effect states the real reason so many people are overweight or obese isn’t due to less exercise or consuming too much food. Author Bruce Blumberg blames the chemicals in plastic food containers, common products around the home, and even furniture. Obsegons is the title he coined for these chemicals in our environment, and says they are the hidden cause of much of today’s obesity epidemic.


I’m a personal trainer with years of experience, and have worked with hundreds of clients needing to lose body fat. I find myself wondering if these obesogens exist, whether they can actually interfere with a human’s genes and be passed down. Just because I’ve not heard of them doesn’t mean much, and certainly the academic credentials of Dr. Blumberg are impressive.

It’s clear to me, as someone working on the front lines of helping take care of people, that most people eat far too much food, and drink way too many calories. In my world, that’s the low-hanging fruit in the way of significant changes to body-weight and body-fat levels and health and fitness.

@GrandCentralPub, #obesogeneffect




Keto Happy Hour by Kendra Holley

Yes, this colorful, cheerful guide to 50+ low-carb craft cocktails is just what you want it to be. Stay in ketosis, and be happy drinking alcohol! Holley includes many of the traditional, favorite mixed drinks everyone enjoys, from Tom Collins to the Moscow Mule.


I’m frankly not too interested in ketogenic alcoholic drink concoctions, but if you are, Keto Happy Hour was written for you. Belly up to the bar!


@peacelovelocarb, @VictoryBeltInc


Eat Rich Live Long by Ivor Cummins and Jeffry Gerber


Combining low-carb and keto is the scientifically optimum path to managing obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic ills common in society today, according to the authors of Eat Rich Live Long.

This information-rich, dense book is broken into three areas. First is a lengthy explanation of how the world got to the obese state it’s in today, with the broken record of mis-information about the advantages of low-fat diets. In this part readers are introduced to what actually works for weight loss and quality health.

A ten-step plan fills out the second portion of Eat Rich Live Long. Here readers find science-based strategies, plans the authors say will have people healthier and burning body fat on a consistent basis in three weeks.


In the third area of the book comes the heavy science of low-carb. Insulin is discussed in depth, along with cholesterol, heart disease, protein intake, and even avoiding cancer.

My light reading of Eat Rich Live Long left a good impression. This is one for closer examination.

@VictoryBeltInc, #eatrichlivelong


Easy Keto Dinners by Carolyn Ketchum

I found myself wondering why a book like this exists. Isn’t preparing a meal veto-style simple? Eat some meat or eggs, perhaps some vegetables, cook it all in good fat, and done! Yeah, but that becomes boring, and if you are cooking for a family, that won’t work in the long run.

East Keto Dinners will rescue people. Author Ketchum provides simple, easy-to-prepare meals. Her recipes appear quick to put together, and she includes some surprising stews and a chowder. 

Flavor and convenience are the hallmarks of Easy Keto Dinners.

@dreamaboutfood, @VictoryBeltInc


The Keto Cure by Adam Nally and Jimmy Moore, with recipes from Maria Emmerich


This all-star keto team has produced an impressive volume, hoping to answer all the questions about ketogenic dieting and living. The pitch for The Keto Cure is “a low-carb, high-fat dietary solution to heal your body and optimize your health.” On the cover tag-lines include Diabetes, Thyroid, Cholesterol, Weight Loss & More.

Wow. The basis for Keto Cure is to aim for an audience already clued into the keto lifestyle, notably those who have read Moore’s Keto Clarity. This book is detailed, tackling topics in-depth, with intelligence. I like the attitude of The Keto Cure.

If you already have a couple of good keto reference titles on your bookcase, and want to expand your knowledge, dig into The Keto Cure.

#TheKetoCure, @docmuscles, @livinlowcarbman, @mariaemmerich, @VictoryBeltInc


The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide by Diane Sanfilippo


I’m not a big fan of 21-day anythings. Where the magical 21-day timeline came from is a mystery to me, and in my long experience in the trenches of personal training and clients, I’ve found the magical number to be erratic and somewhat higher than 21.

But here’s why I recommend The 21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide:  Diane Sanfilippo. I own and use and have read every book she’s written. They are all on my kitchen bookcases. I’ve listened to many of her Balanced Bites podcasts. I read her blog. Sanfilippo is for real; she’s smart and knows how to translate what people need to do to learn and improve their health into action steps and cues they can act upon.

Frankly, if Diane Sanfilippo says you can kick the sugar habit in 21 days, and I was consuming much sugar, I’d listen and give it a try. Little else can be more important, in my opinion, than logical moves to effectively improve your health. Listen to her.

@21daysugardetox, #21DSD, @VictoryBeltInc, @BalancedBites


Keto by Maria and Craig Emmerich

This book fascinates me. Initially, I thought to myself, “Finally, the one-word title on the topic.” “Why has nobody thought of this yet” “What simple, magical marketing

Yeah, all those thoughts, and more, ran through my mind. But I’m familiar with the work of the Emmerich’s, take them quite seriously, and dug into Keto.

Damn, they got it right. This might be “the keto book” to build one’s reference collection around. Maria and Craig refer to this as the definitive guide to the ketogenic lifestyle. I think it is!

I could go on and on and refer you to key elements of their contents. I could bullet-point you to death with important nuggets of information. But if you are reading my reviews and have been following me for any logical amount of time, you should take my advice on this topic:

Pull up your Amazon tab, utilize your Prime one-click shopping, and order Keto by Maria and Craig Emmerich. Right now. Thank me later.

I’ve read and own dozens of book about keto eating and lifestyle. My personal forays into keto began in the late ‘70s; I’ve been there, tried that, and know a little bit. This book is a cornerstone of real information; whether about how hormones control everything and how a ketogenic lifestyle helps put you in charge, or simply how to use kept to build muscle and burn body fat (who doesn’t want to do that?)

Trust me about this. Buy the book. Read the book. Utilize Keto.

@VictoryBeltInc, @mariaemmerich, @cemmerich


Brain Food - The Surprising Science of Eating for Cognitive Power by Lisa Mosconi


I may be in love with this book. Author Mosconi understands that people are gaining awareness of the critical role of nutrition in brain health. The rising awareness of the role of concussions in Alzheimer’s, and what’s happening to people as we live longer, physically, is a bigger, more critical topic than ever. 

In Brain Food, learn how real medical science plays into taking care of our (possibly) most important organ, the brain. Mosconi discusses gluten (not the devil, it turns out). She discusses DNA; she focuses on what is a nutritious diet.

Please get your hands on a copy of Brain Food, read it, learn, and put it into practice. I am.

@PenguinRandom, @dr_mosconi, #brainfood




Type 2 Diabetes = Processed Foods

When Dr. Lustig speaks, I listen...


Behind the Scenes of Cytosport and Muscle Milk

Casey Johnston delves into the development and marketing of Muscle Milk, a product now seemingly found everywhere in America, including for sale in most gyms. How Protein Conquered America is an interesting read. I disagree with the author's assessment that all whey protein powders have poor taste, but this profile is quite fascinating.