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Berlin: Caught in the Mousetrap by Paul Grant 

Berlin Game - Len Deighton (for the Spybrary book club)

Desolation Mountain - William Kent Krueger

Podcast Favorites . (The life and Legacy of Ian Fleming, with author and historian Jeremy Duns, always an excellent and entertaining interview) . (the true story of Oleg Penkovsky, regarded by many as the greatest spy of the Cold War era - with Jeremy Duns, whose book on the topic, Dead Drop, is a classic) (wonderful history of Ian Fleming's involvement at Bletchley Park during WWII, and Anthony Horowitz making a presentation about his new James Bond novel, Forever And A Day. "How I Nearly Started World War III" with Mark Valley, host of the Live Drop Espionage podcast


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A Flamin' Groovies Reunion... Are You Kidding Me?

The Flamin' Groovies are one of my all-time favorite '70s rock'n'roll bands. I still remember their first LP arriving in the mail, sent to me by the coolest music mail-order retailer of the era, The Dedicated Fool. Their catalogs were basically fanzines, and I loved them.

Like I did the Flamin' Groovies. Find their music, listen to Flamingo and Teenage Head. These are phenomenal rockin' records, full of hooks and memorable lyrics ajd strong vocals and guitars and musicianship. Next time someone tells you the '70s were full of wimpy singer-songwriter records (which were plentiful), unleash some Flamin' Groovies! 

These guys later morphed into a '60s-British Invasion-sounding band (thanks, Greg Shaw!), and have for decades remained legendary in the heads and hearts of record collectors and music fans worldwide. Bootlegs abound, many raw but energetic and exciting.

Now the original band is coming back together! After all these years. Damn, I'm excited...

A tour, a new album. Wow!

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