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   In this episode of the entertraining Books of the Year podcast, Simon Mayo and Matt Williams ask Lee Child about his legendary coffee consumption, at my request. 

@booksoftheyear, @simonmayo

I'll listen to Layne Norton discuss and argue passionately about nutrition any day. Mark Bell does a great job moderating an engaging conversation between Norton and Shawn Baker about health, fitness, food and nutrition. Science wins! @marksmellybell, @BioLane

Shane Whaley and David Craggs talk spy and espionage fiction, writing, politics and books with the outspoken, brilliant writer, Charles Cumming.

@Spybrary, @CharlesCumming

Malcolm Gladwell digs deep into the one song Elvis Presley couldn't consistently sing, "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" This episode is a gripping, utterly fascinating discussion of how Elvis recorded, sang live, and interpreted his life through music. @Gladwell

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The Badass Body Diet - The Breakthrough Diet and Workout for a Tight Booty, Sexy Abs, and Lean Legs by Christmas Abbott  

Most of what the surprisingly dense Badass Body Diet covers is touted in the title. It’s all there. Abbott is known for her fit, athletic body, nutritional common sense, and a willingness to explore her adventurous side (she worked briefly in a NASCAR pit crew).

Using a “brick” system similar to the blocks known to Zone diet users, Abbott sets some high goals with Badass Body Diet. She’s right out there in front of readers, stating she’ll help you dramatically change your body type.

Press releases promise this book “teaches her fans how to spot reduce excess fat with targeted meal plans.” Her p.r. goes on to suggest recipes in the book will “make cellulite a distant memory.” If only it were so simple. 

I’ve trained all kinds of people for years, in commercial gyms, a true cross-section of the American populace, and have yet to see specific cellulite-banishing diets or exercises make a difference in the condition. Nothing in Badass Body Diet has me convinced the answers are within these covers.

But I’m not bashing Christmas Abbott nor Badass Body Diet. I know good publicity and marketing when I read it. No harm. Digging into the book a bit, I found sensible meal plans and a vast amount of sound nutritional advice. Sift through Abbott setting herself apart with terms and meal plans for “Minimalists,” “Modifiers,” “Maintainers”, and “Gainers”, and you’ll find smart information you may find useful, or even great. On the printed page, Abbott is approachable and smart.

However, I don’t find her book notable or wildly compelling. File it on the shelf next to many other reliable, “pretty good” diet and exercise books. In my opinion, you’ll run across it in a year and wonder if you should leaf through the pages again, or just slide it back into the bookcase.

William Morrow, $27.99

@christmasabbott, @WmMorrowBooks, #christmasabbott #badassbodydiet

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