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The Plantiful Table (Easy, From-the-Earth Recipes for the Whole Family) by Andrea Duclos  

Aiuthor Andrea Duclos, known to her readers as Drea, is a blogger. She’s a mother and wife, someone vitally interested in living as naturally and healthily as possible. And writing about her experiences along the way (find her at The Plantiful Table reflects her life experiences with food, family, cooking and health.

Drea characterizes her life growing up as one absent vegetables. She’s learned plenty along the way, determining the best ways to feed her family, arriving at a plant-based diet as the solution for them. I relate to some of this, growing up as I did with only canned vegetables, other than carrots and tomatos. I'm not certain I had a real salad until I moved out of my family's house when I wa 18!

As an avid carnivore, I found myself nonetheless interested in Duclos’ story, and how she creates daily meals for all three of them solely using plants. I’m always learning about food myself, and appreciate others who share the passion. 

If you are looking for a good plant-based cookbook, The Plantiful Table surely will help you. I find much about Drea’s blogging and writing and recipes interesting. Don’t be put off by the absence of meat; I’ll try some of these recipes with subtle (can you smell the bacon?) modifications.

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The Primal Prescription: Surviving the ‘Sick Care’ Sinkhole by Doug McGuff and Robert Murphy  

Taking your health into your own hands involves more than navigating the government health care insurance site, or deciding upon a diet plan you think suits your lifestyle. In The Primal Prescription, Dr. McGuff and PhD economist Robert Murphy explore how truly messed up the U.S. health care system is, from a historical perspective. Buckle up, ‘cause it’s a long and sorry tale, surprising even to the most cynical. But don’t worry, they don’t toss you off a cliff of despair after all the bad news, even after explaining how soon the country could bankrupt itself attempting to keep this health care system running.

No, The Primal Prescription arms you with knowledge. Taking control of your health care, protecting yourself and your family from the current broken system, involves smart decisions every step of the way.  Use The Primal Prescription to learn how to receive the best care possible when necessary, and how to springboard from there to longevity and wellness.

More than history, more than banging the drum about how messed up our current health care system is, The Primal Prescription attempts to answer questions and point the way., @PrimalPublish, #primalblueprint, #PrimalPrescription


Fruit Belly by Rome Dolle

As people learn more about real nutrition, and apply Paleo and Primal eating principles to their lives, fruit continually is thrown out of eating plans. Yes, I know, many still believe a diet composed in large part of whole grains, low-fat dairy and fruit is best for people, but in fact (science), it’s not. A great number of these “health conscious” yet uninformed people, athletes and everyone else, often wonder why they suffer abdominal bloating, gurgling insides, and a fat-covered belly that doesn’t change no matter how “healthy” they eat!

Rome Dolle works hard in Fruit Belly to lead people to enhanced health. A flat belly isn’t the only goal here (but it’s worthwhile). Having survived years with abdominal and digestion issues herself, author Dolle helps readers understand gut science, ease digestive distress, and kick up body-fat loss. 

Dolle’s thoughts are effective; they work. I spent years eating fruit constantly, especially in my endurance athlete years. And I always suffered for it, but didn’t know why. Only 22 years ago when I began dramatically cutting down on fruit, adding fat (thank you Udo Erasmus for Fats That Heal, Fats That Kill!), all the while maintaining high levels of protein, did my guts begin to settle down. Since then I’ve consumed ever-decreasing amounts of fruit, and the last decade or so it’s mostly just been berries added to my protein/kale shakes, and occasional apple or pear slices in a salad, or maybe once a month a banana.

Fruit Belly isn’t just about throwing those bananas and apples into the compost bin. It’s about true health, managed by yourself. She provides recipes designed, and proven, to easy your digestive issues and boost fat loss at the same time. Menu outlines easily help even the most un-chef-like.

Take charge of your health and body. Live more comfortably, and at the same time, take in that belt a notch!, @PrimalPublish, #primalblueprint, #FruitBelly, @romydolle, @UdoErasumus, #fatsthathealfatsthatkill,


Dreaming About Record Collecting

Sure, there's currently a vinyl resurgence and buzz, but for many, records never went away. Jordan Teicher profiles some of the biggest collections and largest personalities in record collecting today in the Photo Blog of Slate, Including my old friends Billy Miller and Miriam Linna of Norton Records (I used to crash on their floor in Brookly in the late 1970s and early '80s). "Insant Record Collections and the People Who Own Them" sums it up.


Still the Best Christmas Record of All-Time: Phil Spector!

Listening tonight, I'm again reassured that Phil Spector's A Christmas Gift For You retains the title as absolute best Christmas recordiing. Ever.  Play it loud!!