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The Word Is Murder - Anthony Horowitz

Star of the North - D.B. John

The Sinners - Ace Atkins

The Outsider - Stephen King

Spymaster - Brad Thor

The Other Woman - Daniel Silva

The Man Between - Charles Cumming 

Operation Mincemeat - Ben Macintyre 

Berlin: Caught in the Mousetrap by Paul Grant 

Berlin Game - Len Deighton (for the Spybrary book club)

Desolation Mountain - William Kent Krueger

Forever and a Day - Anthony Horowitz

MI5 and Me: A Coronet Among the Spooks by Charlotte Bingham

Second Strike: A Thriller by Peter Kirsanow

The Fourth Protocol - Frederick Forsyth

Agent of Influence - Jeremy Duns

The Middle-Man by Olen Steinhauer

Handsome Johnny by Lee Server

The Company by Robert Littell

Podcast Favorites David Craggs and Shane Whaley hold a no-holds-barred talk with the outspoken Charles Cumming. Conversation ranges far afield from his new novel, The Man Between, to classic spy novel influences and even some current political commentary tidbits. Valley talks with Tim Hall, who served in the US Army in Germany, specializing in Morse Code signals -- collection and transmitting. Tim was at Teufelsberg, a special listening station used by the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) and NSA during the Cold War. As all episodes of The Live Drop display, Valley brings his unique military and intelligence background to his conversations.  Rukmini Callimachi covers ISIS for The New York Times and is the host of Caliphate. This 90-minute conversation is phenomenal, superior even to her fine Caliphate podcast. 

Behind the Bookshelves - The AbeBooks podcast - Ian Fleming's Lecacy June 1, 2018. This episode is a wonderful, detailed 22 minute interview with bookseller Jon Gilbert about Fleming's writing career, WWII Intelligence work, short stories, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and more. 



Ben Macintyre Talks About The Traitor and the Spy

The Spy and The Traitor by Ben Macintyre has been described as 'The best true spy story I have ever read' by John le Carré. In this exclusive video, Macintyre introduces this fascinating story. Courtresy of Waterstones in London, England. 


Win A Free Copy of They Fought Alone by Charles Glass


They Fought Alone by Charles Glass is receiving great advance reviews. I'll be ordering a copy, of course. If you have an interest in military history, spies, World War II (or all three, as I do), you'll want to enter this contest to possibly win a free copy. C'mon, give it a shot!


Jason Matthews, author of Red Sparrow, ex-CIA - great interview


The History of Spying - Christopher Andrew

I could listen to Andrew Christopher (MI5 historian, The Defense of the Realm), expound upon the long history of spies and espionage for much longer than this excellent interview.

Until I find more examples of his spoken work, give some attention to his guest appearance on Dan Snow's History Hit podcast. And please get your hands on his books. 

I'd never given much thought to the role of spies in the lengthy history of humankind, pre-World War II, until Christopher got into my head. He's a knowledgeable and fascinating speaker.

@thehistoryguy, @HistoryHit


Daniel Silva Kills It on Spycast 

@intelhistorian Vince Houghton hits another home run with his Spycast interview with Daniel Silva (@danielsilvabook). For a guy claiming not to read spy and espionage fiction very often, Houghton's recent conversations with authors (@RealTedBell was a few weeks ago, he proved to be a charming and fun guest) are top-notch. Silva's interview started out basic and dry, but Houghton was able to draw him out and drill down to his emotions and feelings about spy fiction, history, and the process of writing. The conversation took off. The second half was wonderful. Silva says he leads a literary life, and if he's not writing, he has a book in his hands. At one point he referenced a personal library of several thousand volumes. Call me jealous. Oh, and please buy and read Silva's latest, The Other Woman. It ranks with Daniel Silva's finest work. Readers will discover an old-fashioned spy tale, harking back to some of the wildest periods of modern espionage.

@intelhistorian, @danielsilvabook, @realredbell, @INTLspycast