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Fast After 50: How to Race Strong For the Rest of Your Life by Joe Friel  

Joe Friel is probably unknown to most people in the CrossFit world. Read Fast After 50 and prepare to learn from one of the brilliant coaching minds from the world of cycling and endurance sports. Yes, CrossFit is primarily high-intensity, shorter duration workouts, but there is much to learn about optimal human performance from Friel.

Where Fast After 50 truly gets interesting is for it’s target audience. Today there are countless “older” athletes competing in every sport. Clearly, the definition of what constitutes older has changed. Friel recognizes that for the first time in organized sport there are athletes in their 50s, 60s and 70s who have continually trained and followed healthy nutritional practices throughout their lifetimes. Today, rather than a few exceptional people competing after 50, now there are entire race populations in many sports from these age groups. Fast After 50 is poised to become a guidebook for many coaches and athletes.

Forget about how Friel’s book is oriented towards cyclists, skiers, runners, swimmers and triathletes. Most of us have trained and competed in those sports (I’m 60 years old, with competitive backgrounds in strength training, triathlons, cycling and now the last five years, CrossFit), but believe me, CrossFit athletes will find a wealth of useful training and nutritional advice in Fast After 50.

Friel and his other authors destroy the “aging myth.” Endurance exercise and your heart is an important chapter. Part II of the book presents what I found to be the most compelling areas - high performance for senior athletes, high-intensity training and the aging athlete, discussion about body-fat and menopause, hormones (including testosterone levels), and plenty of nutritional enlightenment. So many important areas are examined and clarified in the context of the over-50 athlete, including compression clothing, insulin resistance, glycemic loads, the true nutritional content of foods, protein absorption, arthritis and injuries.

Friel is fully onboard with immediate post-workout shakes. His formula incorporates plenty of high-glycemic carbs in that window right after the workout, an area I constantly preach about to the CrossFit world. In my mind, pre-and intra-workout nutrition is an often ignored aspect of performance, and all the more critical for everyone over the age of 50.

Learn how to adapt your training to your age; avoid overtraining; shed body-fat and maintain or even increase your performance as you age. Train and live smarter, for the rest of your life, with the assistance of Joe Friel and Fast After 50.   @velopress  #fastafter50  @jfriel



My Wine of the Month

Guenoc Victorian Claret. The title evokes romantic 1800's Victorian life. I can imagine Sherlock Holmes sipping this dark, smooth wine. Lillie Langry, the famous actress of the era and who may have been seen by Holmes, who knows, is fabled to have planted vines in the Guenoc Calley more than 100 years ago. 

Guenoc is full and easy right out of the bottle; it opens up nicely if the bottle stands a while. I'm sure pouring it into a decanter would work nicely, but it tends to be consumed from bottle-to-glass in my home. I taste the cherry and chocolate extolled by the winery.

The Guenoc Valley is far north of Napa, California. Middletown, in the north of the Valley, is the home of Guenoc Winery. How they grow and bottle this wine, and get it to me in Wisconsin for $10 per bottle, is one of the beautiful mysteries of the wine world.

@GuenocCA, #quenoc


Progenex Supplements Make A Difference!

One of my friends, Ryan LaCount, a fellow personal trainer, also a CrossFit athlete, recently began buying Progenex supplements from me. I've been selling and using the Progenex line for five or six years. Ryan is not new to training or supplements, but is to Progenex. He recently posted this testimonial on his Instagram feed. LaCount is a straight-shooter, believe me. If Ryan didn't feel this way about the gains he's making using Progenex products, believe me, he wouldn't be talking about it! 

@ryanla_count: Let the gains begin! Thank you @koenigjohn for introducing me to this product line. I have many good things to say. First off, I've tried numerous products and different flavors; nothing compares. I mix More Muscle and Build together for my pre and post-workout shakes, and not once have they clumped. (In the past when) I mixed Vitargo with my protein, the result was most of the Vitargo getting caught in the wire ball. Every little bit counts and if most of it is stuck in clumps, I'm not getting the nutrients I need to sustain growth.

Secondly, the taste (of Progenex products) is amazing. I have to admit the original (chocolate) flavor of Cocoon was off-putting, but this new Cinnamon Slumber is fantastic. Many of my clients talk about taste and how they won't take something that doesn't taste good. Trust me, I get it, and so does Progenex.


I feel physically better and stronger, and I see great results when I'm on Progenex. Any intelligentlifter will experiment with their body and products until something works. Progenex works!

@progenex, #progenex, #moremuscle, #build, #cocoon, @koenigjohn


Yes, I Love to Read!

Looking forward to cracking the covers of this brand-new book! One of the great pleasures ...


Quick Sunday Night Food Prep... no excuses

It's been a long weekend; busy with CrossFit and family. Sunday night, getting home tired, thinking of the next couple of days in the gym, food prep still needed to be handled. I tackled the job efficiently and quickly. First, into a big frying pan, went three pieces of bacon, cut with scissors into tiny pieces. Add some organic lard. Get that going; take whatever vegetables are left in the fridge, cut 'em up and get them into the pan!

I had one peeled yet uncooked white potato: bang, onto the cutting board and into the pan in thin slices. Next was half a bunch of asparagus, a red pepper, several stalks of kale, a head of broccoli, some sun-dried tomatoes. Bingo, simmer for a while, stir often, and several servings of vegetables are ready. Putting most of the vegetables into small containers (waiting for protein to be added), I left a bunch in the pan, added eight eggs, scrambled it all together, and voila, two more meals ready to go!

Left-over ham (organic, thanks Bob & Ashley Koenig) from dinner today comprised portions of two more meals; one was added to white rice (I made a big batch of rice tonight, too) and the other to more of the vegetables.

A couple pounds of grass-fed ground beef was in the fridge; I cooked a few patties. Four went for dinner tonight (rice, vegetables, meat), and the remaining two go into meals for the next three days. Add to a container with rice or vegetables... bingo, two more meals!

Of course the Blend-Tec was in action, creating two more meal shakes (frozen strawberries, almonds, coconut milk, Progenex More Muscle, coconuttwitter flakes).

In about an hour, I created three days of meals, ready to grab from the fridge each day, and dinner for two of us tonight, at the same time. No extra trip to the grocery store. Liberal use of spices and salt and pepper and garlic, of course, pull it all together.

No excuses for being caught un-prepared in the next three days. I'm sticking to my meal plan, only eating food I purchase and prepare myself. Whenever I eat, I'm aware and thinking of what my body is going to feel like in an hour or two. Eating real food is an investment!

#realfood  #Progenex  @Progenex  @blendtec