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Looking Ahead to the Arnold Classic!


Many of you know I’ve been attending, and enjoying, the Arnold Classic (now Arnold Sports Festival), since it’s inception in 1989. I’ve witnessed explosive growth from a bodybuilding show and a few guys standing behind card tables in the theater lobby, to the unimaginable extravaganza of today.

March 5-8 is the 2015 event, and I’m making plans immediately. This is the single “cannot miss” event of the strength training world. And I mean “the world”. Not the USA, the planet!

Bodybuilders, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, Olympic lifters, Strongmen, and about 174,000 other gym-rats, fighters, lifters, and competitive people will be filling Columbus, Ohio and the Convention Center for days. The professional bodybuilding show, The Arnold Classic, remains the highest-paying crown in the field. World’s Strongest Man competition takes place every day; feats of strength unseen anywhere take place on the main stage in the Expo.


Oh yes, the Expo. How does more than 900 booths featuring the finest supplement, nutrition, workout equipment, science, publishing and strength-training companies worldwide strike you? Days can be spent picking up free supplement samples (an art in itself), and literature from every outfit in the supplement and weight-training fields. People-watching is world class, I promise you. If you are into photos and autographs and meeting the celebrities of these fields, you’ll have opportunities you never dreamed of. The leading bodybuilders, CrossFit athletes, strongmen and women, fitness competitors, football and baseball players... all are working booths and waiting to meet you.


Besides all the beautiful people and wondrous athletes, booths contain the smart people, the bright minds behind supplements and equipment. You’ll rarely have the opportunity to meet and talk with them on such a relaxed, personal basis. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Frankly, they come to the Arnold Classic Expo to spread the word about the projects and products they are passionate about. I’ve enjoyed rare opportunities to talk at length with dozens of the smartest people in the world.


Check out these numbers: there will be more then 175,000 attendees, watching 18,000 athletes from 80 countries compete in 50 sports at the Arnold Sports Festival. Can you wrap your mind around that? It’s awesome.

Top-level CrossFit, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding, MMA, Strongman - all present and accounted for. Mix in youth sports, cheerleading, table tennis, fencing, gymnastics, and many others. I’m not exaggerating; you’ve never seen anything like the Arnold Sports Festival.

Make plans and head to Columbus, Ohio March 5-8.



Yesterday: If we use small glasses does it mean we can begin drinking earlier in the day? Of course this was after a long hot run up and down a giant hill.


Today: Sunday. 80 degrees and sunny. Almost October in Wisconsin. Packers/Bears game at noon. What to do? Garden, divide and move perennials, mow and trim lawn, long walk with Anne and Jack, sit on deck drinking this sublime wine reading Perfidia by the great James Ellroy. Easy choices.‪#‎Perfidia‬ ‪#‎JamesEllroy‬ 


Need Bigger Flames on my Stove-Top

Watching the wonderful season premiere of Anthony Bourdain 's Parts Unknown. Among other lessons, I'm again reminded I don't cook food with enough heat on the stove-top. These Chinese cooks have the flames cranked; I can nearly smell the food through my flat-screen! This episode is the first time I've wanted to go to China; Shanghai in this case. Nothing creates more hunger and thirst inside me than a Bourdain show.

@PartsUnknown @Bourdain @AnthonyBourdain:Parts Unknown


Keeping Ahead on Simple, On-the-Go Meals

My weekend was crowded with family and friends, a theatre performance to attend, lots of cooking, a bike ride, not enough sleep. But Monday morning and a busy client schedule, not to mention daily workouts, arrives right on schedule. People constantly tell me they don't have time to plan ahead for eating, training and traveling. I say 'yes you can'!

Sunday night, after everyone left, I filled the 'ol BlendTech with a half can of coconut milk, unsweetened coconut flakes, flaxseed meal, protein powder (Progenex More Muscle, chocolate this time), a big bunch of kale, some blueberries and a handful of raw almonds. Blend like crazy. This full blender you see results in two entire meal shakes.

Leftovers fill the remaining containers, two of which accompany me to work (the gym) daily. Sauteed vegetables in all of them (I've endlessly written about how to prepare these simple, tasty vegetables). White rice is in one, as part of my first post-workout meal. The protein is all meat leftover from weekend meals - pulled chicken, hamburger, chicken breasts. Drop into the Box (an invaluable tool for me) on the way out the door in the morning and I'm set until I get home at night. 

Easy, clean, simple, and quick.

#NoExcuses, @fitmarkbags


Making Cauliflower Rice...

This afternoon I turned a couple heads of cauliflower into rice! Not as cool as water into wine, but I'll take it.

I've had this on my mind for a long while; a recent Food Babe post with a simple recipe convinced me it's high time I got to it. Cauliflower is an irregular part of my daily vegetable medley. It's one of those vegetables I know I should consume, and I do, but I've been in search of something to convince my taste buds I like it more. Seems to me making rice from cauliflower would be the ticket. Based on this first attempt, it is.

Of course I did a couple of things wrong, beginning with forgetting to read the recipe before my grocery store run. Thinking I had lemons at home, but only having limes, guess which is included in the cauliflower rice? Happily it's not a primary component. Trying to stuff two heads of cauliflower florets into my big food processor didn't work, either. Only re-reading Food Babe's recipe did I realize it called for one head!

Both heads were converted to rice, handled in two batches in the machine. I made it all work.

I should have taken photos in my messy kitchen. When I'm cutting vegetables, and using the food processor, while preparing other food for the week, the place is a shambles. Probably would have been more exciting than these two stock pics. Of course, we all know what cauliflower looks like.

Here's the important thing: the finished product tastes great! I'm looking forward to happily including more cauliflower in my daily diet. Thanks, Food Babe.

@thefoodbabe, #thefoodbabe, #cauliflowerrice