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Quick Sunday Night Food Prep... no excuses

It's been a long weekend; busy with CrossFit and family. Sunday night, getting home tired, thinking of the next couple of days in the gym, food prep still needed to be handled. I tackled the job efficiently and quickly. First, into a big frying pan, went three pieces of bacon, cut with scissors into tiny pieces. Add some organic lard. Get that going; take whatever vegetables are left in the fridge, cut 'em up and get them into the pan!

I had one peeled yet uncooked white potato: bang, onto the cutting board and into the pan in thin slices. Next was half a bunch of asparagus, a red pepper, several stalks of kale, a head of broccoli, some sun-dried tomatoes. Bingo, simmer for a while, stir often, and several servings of vegetables are ready. Putting most of the vegetables into small containers (waiting for protein to be added), I left a bunch in the pan, added eight eggs, scrambled it all together, and voila, two more meals ready to go!

Left-over ham (organic, thanks Bob & Ashley Koenig) from dinner today comprised portions of two more meals; one was added to white rice (I made a big batch of rice tonight, too) and the other to more of the vegetables.

A couple pounds of grass-fed ground beef was in the fridge; I cooked a few patties. Four went for dinner tonight (rice, vegetables, meat), and the remaining two go into meals for the next three days. Add to a container with rice or vegetables... bingo, two more meals!

Of course the Blend-Tec was in action, creating two more meal shakes (frozen strawberries, almonds, coconut milk, Progenex More Muscle, coconuttwitter flakes).

In about an hour, I created three days of meals, ready to grab from the fridge each day, and dinner for two of us tonight, at the same time. No extra trip to the grocery store. Liberal use of spices and salt and pepper and garlic, of course, pull it all together.

No excuses for being caught un-prepared in the next three days. I'm sticking to my meal plan, only eating food I purchase and prepare myself. Whenever I eat, I'm aware and thinking of what my body is going to feel like in an hour or two. Eating real food is an investment!

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Eat More Saturated Fat... Live Better

I’m 60 years old. Most of my adult life has involved working out - weight training, cycling, running, triathlons, bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit. I’m a gym rat, I exercise a lot - some call me a health nut. Fine. Challenge me to life - bet I’ll win!

Nutrition has fascinated me for most of my adult life, since my appendix blew up in junior high. Suddenly my metabolism tanked and body-fat appeared. Lots of body-fat. Spurning thyroid drugs recommended by the doctor, I began studying food and nutrition.  45 years later I’m still experimenting, learning, and living healthily and strongly.

I’ve been a fat 305# and a lean 175#. In my mid-30s and through my 40s I was a solid, decently lean 225-235. Moving into bicycle racing in my late 40s, I worked hard to shake off bodyweight in an attempt to become a slim, aerodynamic bike racer! Hahaha; I lost weight but never looked like a cyclist. Little guys with no calves used to pass me in a hurry.

Through the decades I’ve self-experimented with diets. Going as far back as the Pritikin Diet, I’ve lived Zone, Atkins, Ketogenic, vegetarian (that wasn’t fun!), low-fat, see-food, bodybuilding-style, and now for several years, various forms of Paleo/Primal.

I eat a hell of a lot of saturated fat. Many would call my food intake high fat. I’d estimate 30% of my calories are fat, and this has been my protocol for several years, certainly since discovering Paleo. Coconut oil, grass-fed butter, macadamia nut oil, lard, bacon fat - these are the building blocks of my cooking. Each day I often consume a little bacon, or sausage, olives, and avocados. Hell, I’d eat even more avocados if they were fresher, here in Wisconsin. 

And eggs; oh, how I eat eggs. Six to eight daily. Real eggs from real chickens. My beef and pork is organic and grass-fed, so most of the fat on the meat is untrimmed, too. It fills up the crockpot nicely.  

As a long-time personal trainer in a globo gym, and as a member of CrossFit Green Bay, I spend much of my time talking food and nutrition and health with people. It’s what I do. At times people have asked me if I didn’t feel I was risking my life, jeopardizing my health, eating all this fat. Confident in my knowledge, backed by the rising tide of knowledge of the true role of saturated fat in the human body, and the growing number of intelligent advocates for eating real food, I felt good about my nutritional course.


Last year I had a Coronary Calcium Scan - my score was zero.

Here are my numbers from the blood screen accompanying my annual physical:

Glucose  119

Total Cholesterol   209

Triglycerides   72

HDL Cholesterol   82

LDL Cholesterol  113

Blood pressure is nice, pulse rate low.

The doctor (a new to me, younger, female doc, an avid runner and health enthusiast), told me not to worry about the glucose level. It could be age, it could be hereditary - no reason to stop drinking wine, she told me!

Moral of the story:  eat lots of good protein. Add vegetables to every meal possible. Cook in healthy, real saturated fat. Eat real food and you won’t have desire, much less room, for crap and fake food.

Tonight for dinner I believe I’ll drop some pork lard into a pan, get it hot, add cut-up asparagus, red pepper, kale and garlic. Then I’ll add a handful of grass-fed ground beef, get all that cooked up close to done, then add a couple of scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, kalmata olives and feta cheese! With a glass of red wine, meals are always a celebration!

Still think I'm gambling my health, my very life, eating real food?

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On A Quest

Decisions, decisions, decisions... Should I whip up some protein pancakes, or blend a protein shake?

I'll keep you posted on how the pancakes come out. I'm thinking I'll mash some ripe bananas into some of 'em, use blueberries in others. Taste test to follow soon.

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Meeting Gregg Ernst - old school, crazy strong Canadian

Last week at the Arnold Classic, fighting my way through the crowd in front of the stage at the Expo, trying to get close enough to the deadlift portion of the World's Strongest Man to take photos, I found myself trapped in front of this huge, odd-looking platform with piles of weights on it. The Rogue logo caught my eye. Initially I thought it was some off-stage storage for plates, but quickly realized that made no sense. Noting a big poster evidentally describing the device, I read it.

Turns out this Gregg Ernst guy is some kinda throwback to the old strongman days, and used a platform similar to this to backlift 5340 pounds. Yeah, 5,340 pounds! While I'm absorbing all this information, keeping one eye on the stage where deadlifts of improbable weight are taking place, I notice this big guy standing by the machine, arms crossed, watching me. His badge identifies him as Gregg Ernst!

Wow, who better to ask questions of? Ernst was nice, patient with my queries about just what the hell a backlift was, gave me a rundown on the history of the lift, and detailed how the machine worked. Guess how far he moves this pile of weights when performing a backlift? One inch. Again: one inch. Ernst told me he'd like to attempt to break his world record, and get into the Guinness Book of World Records, but wants to be able to do so moving it a half inch.

I don't care, it's damn impressive either way. Just getting under that platform and having it release onto your body, at that weight, takes stones. The funniest moment in our conversation was when I believe he thought he was losing me in his explanation of the lifts. Ernst paused and asked me, "Do you train?" Hey, I know I'm lighter than I've been in my adult life, and just walking around the Arnold Classic will make most people feel small, but still...  

Enlarge my photo of the poster and read it; Gregg Ernst is fascinating. Oh yeah, he has ten kids.

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Using Progenex Properly, Act 1

Clients and customers consistently ask me about the best protocol for adding Progenex Recovery, More Muscle and Build to their lives. Last weekend at the Ice Bowl event, a version of this conversation took place several times hourly.  I consider Recovery, More Muscle and Build to be important for my athletic endeavors, for all my fitness goals, and know they're important to everyone involved in CrossFit. 

Following is a texted series of responses I wrote a couple of days ago, with a CrossFitter, asking specifically how to best use these Progenex products.


"Good questions. Here we go: protein powder is merely portable protein and amino acids. Same as chicken or fish or beef, but absorbs more quickly and certainly is easier to pack and carry and consume quickly. In addition, in the immediate post-workout period, still in the gym, whey protein and easy-to-digest carbs are essential. This is the first priority use of protein powder. Use a couple scoops of Recovery, and one or two scoops of Build, before you leave the gym. Likely you'll be hungry for a meal 60-90 minutes later. It's fine to include rice or potatoes in that meal, also. And don't be afraid to have some starchy carbs in your small meal pre-workout.

If you use protein powder pre-workout, have a Lara or Rx or Best Bar Ever Bar or a piece of fruit with it, pre-workout. I know you often don't get out of bed until you HAVE to drag yourself to CFGB, so this is a great time for More Muscle and fruit or something like a Lara Bar. No nuts pre-workout, please!

More Muscle is wonderful for the shakes I make for meals. I prepared two of them an hour ago (one blender full is two meals). Half a can of coconut milk, some flaxseed meal, 8-10 almonds, four heaping scoops More Muscle, a half dozen frozen strawberries, a bunch of kale. Blend the hell out of it. Wham, two meals! Portable and quick.

Build is wonderful pre-workout, too, if you are getting up late, didn't eat well the night before (didn't have vegetables in your dinner), and need some energy. I've had one scoop of Build combined with More Muscle, for pre-workout breakfast in a pinch, and it's great."
Sounds convenient and useful, doesn't it? It is!
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