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Facts of (My) Life

Yes, Kale and Spinach release more nutrients when they are heated or cooked. I consume plenty of stir-fried kale in my vegetable mixes. But, I continue to add raw kale and spinach to my daily blenderized meal shakes, and I eat spinach salads. To me, this is similar to taking vitamins; inexpensive health insurance.

The more I use Progenex Build, the more useful and effective I find it to be. A couple of weeks ago, visiting CrossFit 989, I deadlifted for an entire hour, a satisfying heavy workout. My BlenderBottle had a scoop of Build and some BCAA in it throughout the entire session; I had another scoop in my Recovery shake afterwards. For the entire session with the barbell I felt strong and energized; no dropping off of energy. Consistent strength throughout a long workout is pretty damn important, at any age, but very much so for myself. I'm hearing raves from others in my home gym, CrossFit Green Bay, about how Build is positively impacting their strength and weightlifting.

There are no rules about how many consecutive days training is effective. Pay attention to your body, energy levels, sleep quality and duration, and how you feel. The longer you workout, the better you'll be able to determine whether that fourth or fifth day in a rule is a good idea. Basically, if you're questioning whether you should head to the gym or not, perhaps you shouldn't if the issue is in doubt. Take a rest day, eat well, sleep as much as possible.

Stop being afraid of potatoes. Sweet potatoes aren't magical; other potatoes are fine carbohydrates and starch to surround your workouts with. Eat potatoes and rice before and after your gym sessions. 

Bananas are not magical, either. Why so many people trying to lose bodyfat chow down on bananas (and yogurt) baffles me. Stop!

An apple with peanut or almond butter smeared on it does not constitue a meal. It barely qualifes as a snack. 

Stop eating fruit alone as a snack. As Susan Powter used to say, "stop the madness!"

Go ahead and consume logical carbs on your off-days. Why do people think their body doesn't need them on those occasions? Of course it does! Rest day is for rebuilding and recovery. Just because you don't go to the gym for 24 hours doesn't mean your body stops trying to build muscle, increase aerobic capacity or burn a bit of bodyfat. Give it the chance...

Drink more water.

Crossfitters: add barbell rows, bench presses and pause squats to your weekly weight workouts. Why not be strong at everything?

Add a bit of BCAA powder to your water bottles throughout the day and evening. Not a lot is needed, but a constant flow in your system is helpful. I don't care what brand you buy; just avoid those with sugar added. Currently I'm using and enjoying Muscle Pharm's product.




What Am I Doing?

As always, in one form or another, at both the gym I work at and the CrossFit facility I workout in (CrossFit Green Bay), people are always asking me what I eat, what supplements I use, what's in my shakes, etc. Here's a snapshot of this week:

Some of my breakfasts, when I'm headed to the gym early, are Best Bars Ever. Yup, a protein bar. Oh, plus lots of good strong Peet's coffee! Read what i think about these bars if you have questions, or do some research. They are wonderful tasting, a treat to eat, and as healthy as a protein bar has ever been.

My meal shakes haven't changed appreciably. I continue to rely on these shakes inbetween "regular" meals, breakfasts and busy times at the gym. 

I'm a died-in-the-wool Progenex consumer; have been for years. I use virtually every Progenex product. More Muscle is the backbone of my shakes. Recovery and Build (until Build, for years I used and loved Vitargo), constitute my immediate post-workout shakes. Their Omega+ is part of my day (as is other brand's fish oil). I wear and workout in their clothing (the Wisconsin winter finds me living in a Progenex hoodie). Cocoon is an important part of my night-time ritual. 

But other companies have great products too. I'm a longtime Gaspari Nutrition customer (we'll see what happens to their line, if anything, since their recent bankruptcy and sale), NOW vitamins and minerals always have a place in my home, different companies produce BCAA powders I use, and the Species Nutrition line has been comfortable around here for years. 

Find companies' products you trust and enjoy; don't be afraid to experiment. I'm always checking out new things. You should too!

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I'm Tired

Last night I realized I'd worked-out seven consecutive days, six of them at CrossFit Green Bay. No wonder I'm rundown and sore. All in all, I feel great, but this morning my elbows hurt, my right calf and hamstring are wildly tight (from all the heavy DB snatches yesterday, performed only with my left arm and shoulder), and I needed a half hour nap this afternoon just to continue through the day.

My right shoulder rehab continues to go well. It's clear to me my decision to forgoe rotator cuff surgery, and having my bicep tendon cut and re-attached, was the proper path. Of course I'll never kip or snatch again, but who cares?

So, three meals in so far, and zero carbs. Frankly, I'm saving my carbs for the day for tonight when I'm going to assault a bag of Tostido's Lime Chips during the Packers / Bears game! Bacon and eggs for breakfast, shake next (coconut flakes, almonds, coconut milk, protein powder, flaxseed), then an early dinner of a big thick pork chop. Tonight I'll accompany the lime chips with a protein shake, or some eggs (and some red wine!).

Got lots of cooking done today; sweet potato fries, mashed red potatos, a huge pan of mixed vegetables stir-fried, cauliflower rice, some grass-fed hamburger patties, meal shakes (spinach, coconut flakes, coconut milk, almonds, protein powder, strawberries, flax seed, carrots). I'm in good shape for the opening of the week. Tomorrow morning I'll dumb a bunch of vegetables into a pan with coconut oil, then hit with eight eggs for two scramble meals. I'll also make a big salmon/spinach salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Now for some football!


New Go Bananas! is limited flavor Recovery from Progenex

Go Bananas! is the latest limited-edition flavor from Progenex (remember Chocolate Peanut Butter last summer? I still have a few bags, by the way). This is a delicious (I'm working my way through a bag this week) chocolate banana combo. My taste buds are happy with it, as they are all Progenex flavors (well, actually, I'm not in love with their French Vanilla, but many others sure are). 

I don't know how long this flavor will be available. Progenex prices their limited-editions higher, so this retails for $65. I'm not tickled with that policy, but they didn't ask me. I've Go Bananas! in stock, so order freely and I'll get it to you promptly at CrossFit Green Bay.

Progenex Recovery mixed with Build is essential post-workout. Your body needs and craves those simple carbs for repair and muscle-building. And they need them pronto! Build's nice sweet potatoe flavor is great mixed with Go Bananas! I'm enjoying it.

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Progenex Expanding Their Line

Progenex has a couple of new additions, both of which I'm excited about. 

Build is their new carbohydrate powder. It's touted as an intra-workout, pre-workout and post-workout supplement. I'll be using it primarily in my immediately-after-sweating shake. I've been using 70 grams of Vitargo and two scoops of Recovery for the last three years. This is the shake consumed in the gym, while still sweating. Beginning tomorrow I'll be adding Progenex Build to my Recovery shake.

Go to the Progenex site for nutritional details on Build. It looks great to me. I've not tasted it, didn't receive a pre-release bag like I did Cookies & Cream More Muscle (what's up with that, Rob?), but I'm confident Build will rock my taste buds. Bring on the sweet potato powder!

Go Bananas is the new Recovery flavor, releasing in the next week. Who hasn't added bananas to their blender-full of powders and fruit and other magical supplements? Now Progenex is making life easier for your banana-crazed taste buds, making it a new flavor in the Recovery line.

If you have any questions about the Progenex line, or want to get your hands on any of their products, get in touch with me. I have it all, in stock, always!

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